Lifting bags of various material

The majority of bag materials can be lifted with vacuum lifter VacuMove since most bag materials are air tight. For example, different kinds of plastic bags and paper bags are commonly lifted with VacuMove.

Lifting bags is a basic part of many manufacturing processes, within food industry and the plastic industry etc. Our bag lifter is often used to lift, place, split and empty the contents of a bag into large processing containers. Our model VM160 lifts bags up to 125 lbs which is a standard size.

Manual lifting of bags is often a hazard due to the awkward grip. Most bag materials are air tight so that a vacuum lifter can be used to lift and move the bags. With porous materials a rubber skirt is attached to the suction foot to compensate for the air leakage. All VacuMove models can be delivered in stainless steel for cleanroom environments.

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